Have you considered Ajax for Gas Turbine Fuel Gas Boosting?


Robust reliable Ajax™ engines from Baker Hughes, a GE company have been manufactured in the United States for more than 60 years. Ajax™ integral engine-compressors are renowned around the world for their simplicity, reliability, and high efficiency, making them a cost effective solution.  Cobey is a GE Channel Partner and authorized packager of Ajax™ engine compressors and spare parts distributor.  Cobey can custom design and manufacture an Ajax™ engine-compressor package to meet your requirements.  Email or call us today to find out how Ajax™ can work for you.
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Why Ajax™?
  • Efficient at high and low flow rates → 95%
  • Variable speed to match fuel gas demand → Saves power and fuel
  • Less oil added to gas flow → No additional gas separation needed. Non-lube cylinders available.
  • Maintenance cycle coincides with GT → ~8,000 hrs
  • Lower cost sparing and redundancy → Operates efficiently at 60% load
  • Black start capable → Gas engine driven
  • Ideally suited for the GE Fast Power Solution → Fast global deployment

BHGE's Ajax™ solution is available for turbine installations with a range of suction pressures (125 psig to 500 psig) and have been successfully deployed globally since 2016. Similar benefits can be expected with our high-speed reciprocating compressor solutions for larger GT's.


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