Wellhead Compression

Cobey’s new wellhead gas compressor is designed for ultimate flexibility, high reliability and fast start up.

  • Base unit capable of 2.66 MMSCFD discharging into a 300 PSIG gathering pipeline, 400 PSIG also available
  • Containerized—The fully-assembled, plug-and-play system is enclosed in an easy-to-ship, 40’ ISO container
  • No loose parts or site assembly required, reducing site commissioning time and cost
  • 530 HP EPA Certified Waukesha Rich-Burn gas engine runs on wellhead gas
  • Capable of a wide range of inlet pressures (3-100 PSIG), using an integral inlet gas regulator
  • Integral hydraulic systems to drive all auxiliary systems (pumps and fans), avoiding any need for additional site power
  • Highly customizable to suit individual users and gas conditions
  • On-board control panel with HMI, accessible from the exterior of the container
  • Built in the USA, in the Marcellus-Utica region

Oil-flooded screw compressor benefit vs. comparable reciprocating options:
  • Operational flexibility, without package modification
  • Higher reliability and longer maintenance intervals
  • Lower maintenance costs, fewer consumable parts
  • Higher compression ratio capability in a single-stage body, compared to 3-4 stage reciprocating options
  • Lower noise and higher frequency, easier to mitigate
  • Low vibration and pulsation, requiring simpler foundation design and eliminating dampening


Cobey Inc designs and manufactures modular piping packages and auxiliary equipment for the petrochemical, energy, oil and gas, and air separation industries.  Engineered products such as lube oil consoles, dry gas seal panels, rundown tanks, and rotating equipment packages are custom designed in accordance with customer specifications and applicable ISO/API standards.

Associated Codes & Standards
ANSI B31.3
ASME U Div. 1
Wellhead Compression

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